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Put our three-pronged prospecting approach to work for you...

Determining the sites that will make the best partners for you

Initially, we will spend time learning about your business...your customer target groups...the kinds of affiliate sites you'd like have promoting you...and the current life cycle of your affiliate marketing channel. Then we will develop a prospecting plan for your specific needs and objectives.

A customized approach

We work with you to develop an attractive offer for these highly-prized prospects. Merely extending an invitation to join your basic program is not enough...it's important to offer these potential partners more attractive commission terms and incentives not publicly advertised by your affiliate program. Treat them special and you'll be on your way to a long term, productive relationship.

Campaign implementation

Once we've determined the kinds of sites to target and the messaging we'll use to get them excited about promoting you, we launch the campaign. Each month (for as long as you wish), we'll identify 100 affiliate partner prospects and approach each of these prospects with your partnership offer. We send two completely customized approach emails to each prospect (we phone sites where we have existing relationships). 

You will receive a copy of the prospect list each month in order to monitor results and follow-up with these prospects if you wish.

Managing expectations...

From our experience, each campaign results in 8 to 20 prospects accepting the invitation to join your program. Then, depending on how each relationship is nurtured, 3 to 10 of these partners will become highly productive for you. This may not seem significant, but a handful of loyal, productive affiliate partners can generate significant sales, month-after-month...often for years.

We will be straight-forward with you about your opportunity for success

Please understand, we are dedicated to working with merchants we sincerely believe will make attractive partners for affiliates. We also resist providing affiliate recruitment services to merchants offering over-saturated products and services. We are most effective when targeting identifiable niche audiences.

Our fees...

We charge a campaign launch fee of $250 and a monthly or per campaign fee of $450 for our services.  There are no long term contracts or commitments... if you like us, we'll continue to conduct new prospecting campaigns each month... if not, we don't want you to feel locked-in at all. How we accept payments.

Interested? Submit this form to learn more...

Please note: We welcome any merchant who is currently conducting e-commerce to submit an information request. Rest assured, any information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be shared outside our organization.

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